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Production Of Various Styles Of High Quality Brass Padlock

Production Of Various Styles Of High Quality Brass Padlock

(Summary description)Pujiang Ya-huan Locks Co., Ltd., Persist In The Cooperation, Innovation, Win-win Principle,Rely On Technological Progress And The First-class Management Team, To Promote The Development Of Company, And Strive To Let Us Be A First-class

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PUJIANG YA-HUAN LOCKS CO., LTD,Founded In 1993, Have Two Production Base Which Are Located In Jinhua City And Hangzhou City,Specializing In The Production Of Various Styles Of High Quality Brass Padlock,We Export Our Products To Europe,America,Southeast Asian And Many Other Countries ,The Technology Standard Of Ours Is A Leading Position In The Field Of This Country

2004:Awarded As The Gold Metal Of China Padlock Exposition

2005:ISO 9001:2000 Certification For Quality System

2007:Awarded As “Quality And Reputation AAA Enterprise“

2009:Awarded As “Famous Trademark Of Jinhua City”

2012:Awarded As “Regional Name Brand Of Zhejiang Province”

2019:Get the BSCI Certification

PUJIANG YA-HUAN LOCKS CO., LTD, Persist In The Cooperation, Innovation, Win-Win Principle,Rely On Technological Progress And The First-Class Management Team, To Promote The Development Of Company,And Strive To Let Us Be A First-Class

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